President Jokowi Calls on His Administration to be Aware of Food Crisis


Oleh Sugiarti, Rabu, 7 Desember 2022 | 20:43 WIB - Redaktur: Sugiarti - 772

Jakarta, InfoPublik - President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo called on his administration to carry out an accurate calculation of various potential global uncertainties that may occur, including the potential for a food crisis, especially for the rice commodity in the country.

According to the President, all relevant government agencies must be able to calculate the availability of these staples by considering various aspects so that the rice crisis can be anticipated in the future.

"Be aware of it, because it can impact social and political problems. Therefore, the calculations related to rice must be accurate," President Jokowi said during a plenary meeting with ministers in the Indonesia Onward Cabinet on Tuesday, December 6, 2022.

The President ordered his ministers to ensure the availability of these staples for the needs of the community. Thus, merchants know that the stock of rice remains safe for all people in the country.

This is important to do, in order to maintain the price stability of these basic commodities according to the prices set by the government.

"Don't let our calculations go wrong so that we don't have reserves and at some point, our reserves run out, merchants know that, and eventually the price will go up. This supply and demand will definitely conclude that," he said.

In overcoming this, the President ordered all government agencies to collaborate in addressing this issue since the availability of rice is related to the needs of many people.

The collaboration in question, added the President, could be in the form of consolidation from data, policies, to implementation in the field to prevent a food crisis, especially rice commodities in Indonesia next year.

"The key, once again, is collaboration between ministries and agencies, and don't be trapped in sectoral egos, consolidating data, consolidating policies, and also consolidating implementation," said the President.


Photo: Istimewa