JIC Collaborates with Turkey in International Conferences


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Jakarta, InfoPublik - The Jakarta Islamic Research and Development Center (PPIJ), better known as the Jakarta Islamic Center (JIC), is holding an international conference with the big theme "The History of Science in Islam".

The Head of PPIJ, Kiai Subki, said that the event was in collaboration with Kirikkale University and IBTAV (İslam Bilim Tarihi Araştırmaları Vakfı) Turkey/Historical Science Research Foundation.

PPIJ held this activity to fulfill its function as one of the Islamic institutions in Indonesia that want to continue to expand its wings in civilization and science. Kiai Subki further said that Islamic scientists had once triumphed and owned science.

"We know that medical science, astrology, astronomy, and mathematics come from Islamic scientists. So, it is only natural that Jakarta Islamic Center wants to restore that glory in its program this morning," he said at the Convention Hall Jakarta Islamic Center, as quoted in a written statement from the Head of JIC Facility Utilization Section on Wednesday, Dec. 21.

"With the support of all parties, especially the envoys, and our guests from Turkey, at least Jakarta Islamic Center has started the steps. Hopefully, it will provide great benefits for the development of Muslims in Jakarta and throughout Indonesia," he added.

Kiai Subki said that Jakarta Islamic Center was proud of the significant guest presence from Turkey. "Of course, this is an honor not only for the Jakarta Islamic Center but for the DKI Jakarta government, even for the Indonesian government," he said.

"Hopefully, this cooperation will continue to be better in scientific and Islamic programs, hopefully providing maximum benefits," he concluded.

At the International Conference, Kırıkkale University (Türkiye) and the Jakarta Islamic Center (Indonesia) made cooperation in education and research activities for the mutual benefit of the two institutions.

The cooperation MoU states that the two parties will jointly develop cooperative education and research programs for staff and students from both institutions within the framework of this agreement.

Cooperation activities covered by this agreement may include staff and student exchanges, study abroad, collaborative research programs, seminars and workshops, and service programs.

Head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government's Education Bureau, Gunas Mahdianto, opened the event, which was attended by Mr. Bilal Erdogan (son of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan).

Photo Source: JIC's Head of Utilization of Facilities and Infrastructure


Author: G. Suranto

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