Hotel Rooms in Toba Regency Fully Booked for F1 Powerboat 2023


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Photo caption: Miniature of a powerboat for F1 Powerboat World Championship (F1H2O) installed at the arrival terminal of Kualanamu Airport, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra, Monday, 20 February. It is to promote the F1 Powerboat World championship in Lake Toba, North Sumatra, 25-26 February 2023 (Photo: ANTARA)


Balige, (February 22, 2023) - A few days prior to the organization of the international F1 Powerboat Lake Toba race 2023, all hotel rooms in Toba Regency, North Sumatra, are fully booked.

"Hotel rooms in Toba and the surrounding area have been sold out. We can say there is a shortage. Based on information we received, those failed to secure hotel reservation chose to stay at relatives' houses or homestays as an alternative. I admit the magnet of this F1 Powerboat event is extraordinary. We are grateful for that," said the Chairman of the Branch Management Board of Toba Regency Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), Winner Sinambela, when contacted on Tuesday, Feb. 22.

Data from North Sumatra chapter PHRI recorded the availability of residential rooms around Lake Toba reached 2,451 units, all spread around Lake Toba, including Toba, Simalungun, Samosir, and Humbang Hasundutan Regencies. Of that figure, 2,204 are hotel rooms and 247 are homestay rooms.

"We admit that public and tourists’ enthusiasm coming to Toba has increased since its appointment as F1 Powerboat 2023 race venue," said Winner.

Chairman of the Regional Management Board of North Sumatra chapter PHRI, Denny S. Wardhana, also confirmed the high number of bookings for accommodation in the Toba area, especially for star hotels. "Star hotels in the Balige area are confirmed to be 95% full. I have not received updated data on the current homestay room vacancy. But, according to information, many have switched to booking accommodation at homestays near the venue," explained Denny.

To provide the best service, including introducing something uniquely Toba, PHRI also encouraged restaurants to serve local menus that are famous for their exquisite taste. "Hopefully, tourists can taste authentic culinary from the land of Toba," said Denny.

Winner also underlined that the key principle for business people in the tourism sector, especially hotel and restaurant players, is to prioritize hospitality, namely good work and serving ethic, smiling, greeting, being polite, and courteous. “Also ensuring cleanliness to leave a good impression, so tourists would want to return," he said.

Previously, during The Weekly Briefing With Sandi Uno, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, had emphasized that he would directly monitor the readiness of tourism services on Lake Toba to ensure tourists or spectators of the 2023 F1 Powerboat Lake Toba international race receive the best service.

The race, which will be held on  February 24—26, 2023, is a magnet for tourist visits to one of the Super Priority Tourism Destinations (DPSP), Lake Toba. For this reason, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will encourage various trainings and increase human resources capacity, especially those engaged in the tourism sector, starting from branding creative products, tourism awareness, financial literacy, and hospitality.

The Ministry has also made several other efforts, such as facilitating the monitoring of tourists to visit Lake Toba and preparing travel patterns and tour packages, promotions, and publications through various channels.

Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry, said Minister Sandi, fully supports the success of the F1 PowerBoat Lake Toba as a sports tourism event, as an effort to increase and encourage foreign and domestic tourist visits to Lake Toba DPSP. Even though Sandi acknowledged an increase in accommodation rates within a few days prior to the race, he ensured it was still within the normal range. “Hotel prices have gone up a bit. But we provide guidelines so that the price does not increase significantly," Minister Sandi said.


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