Hundreds of MSMEs and Nobar Enliven F1 Powerboat Lake Toba 2023


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Balige, (Februari 23, 2023) - The North Sumatra Provincial Government and the Toba Regency Government have prepared three locations for the 2023 Lake Toba F1 Powerboat side events: Soposurung Mini Field, Sibolahotang Sas Beach, and the D.I. Pandjaitan Roundabout.

It was stated by the Acting Head of the Toba Regency Communications and Informatics Office, Sesmon Butarbutar, when contacted on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

Sesmon added that bazzars of hundreds of products of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and nobar (local term which stands for nonton bareng, which means a viewing gathering) would be organized at points that can accommodate thousands of visitors.

"A three-day side event with the largest capacity of around 3,000 people will be held at Soposurung Mini Field. Meanwhile, Sibolahotang Sas Beach and the D.I. Pandjaitan Roundabout can accommodate around 1,500 to 2,000 people," said Sesmon.

Around 502 MSMEs will be involved in the side-event as part of the effort to support local products. According to Sesmon, most of the MSMEs involved have produced qualified culinary and souvenir products.

"Our superior products are coffee, Toba woven stola, rice, and corn because Toba is also known as an agricultural and coffee producer area," said Sesmon. Toba Regency has several superior coffee products, such as Mora Coffee from Ajibata area and Partungkuan Coffee, the coffee which has been tasted by President Joko Widodo.

"Now, Toba Arabica Coffee has been recognized on the Geographical Indications (GI), that Toba is a producer of Arabica coffee," he explained.

As for culinary products, the Toba Regency Government has encouraged MSME players to take advantage of the F1 Powerboat event to highlight traditional regional food or delicacies. "We urge the public to provide traditional culinary delights such as kue lapet (rice flour cake with palm sugar filling wrapped in banana leave), tipa-tipa (cereal), and sasagun (roasted rice flour with shredded coconut and brown sugar) , which have been modified in forms into cookies or biscuits for souvenirs," he said.

The local government also asked qualified MSMEs to improve their quality to compete with similar products. For example, in terms of packaging, price, quality, to product availability.

Sesmon said that MSMEs are asked to serve quality and competitive products at a competitive price.


Director General of Public Information and Communication of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics – Usman Kansong (0816785320).

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