Usman Kansong: Lake Toba to Become World Tourism Destination


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Photo caption: Director General of Public Information and Communications of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Usman Kansong at Balige City, North Sumatra, Feb. 23.


Balige, (February 23, 2023) – Director General of Public Communications and Information of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Usman Kansong, believed that Indonesian tourism, especially Lake Toba, will be leveled up in the eyes of the world as a major tourism destination as seen from the enthusiasm of domestic and foreign tourists to witness the Kopiko Grandprix of Indonesia or the F1 Powerboat world championship on Lake Toba, February 24-26, 2023.

“Public enthusiasm is great. Ticket online sales are sold out. Because of this event, Lake Toba will regain its fame as a tourism destination," said Usman in Balige on Thursday, Feb. 23.

Usman also appreciated the collaboration of various parties in ensuring smooth and good organization of the event. “Many parties have been involved in the organization and success of this event. Because we will organize this event for the next five years, we must continue to support it. But more than that, we have to appreciate the enthusiasm of the Indonesian people to watch the race," said Usman.

Usman hoped that Indonesia can continue to be entrusted to hold similar international events, in line with the government's Proud to Travel in Indonesia program or “Bangga Berwisata di Indonesia” (BBWI). "This race event is for sports tourism. We hope there will be 1.3 million trips to Lake Toba," he said.

The government, said Usman, is currently promoting sports tourism as an attraction, not only for domestic tourists but also for foreign tourists. As Indonesia has long been known as a country with natural beauty and wealth, Usman also realized that improvement was needed, especially in infrastructure and human resources. "This race event is for sports tourism. So, we have to prepare the infrastructure and human resources," he said.

Usman admitted the F1 Powerboat Lake Toba 2023 is exceptional because Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world. Thus, the location is perfectly suitable for super-fast boat racing arena like this racing event. In addition, it also comes with such exquisite natural beauty. “I heard one of the racers said they are extending their stay for a week after the race. This shows how comfortable this place is," said Usman.

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) supported infrastructure development at Lake Toba, one of the five Super Priority Tourism Destinations (DPSP) areas designated by President Joko Widodo. PUPR Ministry supported structuring areas, roads, and bridges, supplying raw and clean water, waste management, sanitation, and repairing residents' housing (Tourism Residential Facilities).

PUPR Ministry also completed several development projects including the management of Ulos Huta Raja and Huta Siallagan Villages in Samosir Regency, development of Sidikalang Landfill Site in Dairi Regency, development of Parapat Waste Water Treatment Plant in Simalungun Regency, and toilet construction in Lake Toba.

As the host of the F1 Powerboat racing event, Indonesia has an excellent opportunity to enhance the image and attractiveness of Lake Toba tourism internationally. "Hopefully, international events such as the F1 Powerboat will become a momentum of economic recovery through the tourism sector around Lake Toba," concluded Usman.


Director General of Public Information and Communications of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics – Usman Kansong (0816785320).

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