Jakarta Launches Eight Betawi Culture Icons


Oleh G. Suranto, Kamis, 9 Februari 2017 | 09:55 WIB - Redaktur: Penni Patmawati Rusman - 2K

Jakarta, InfoPublik - Jakarta Provincial Government launched eight icons of Betawi culture as a follow-up to regional government regulations (Perda) No. 4 Year 2015 on Betawi culture preservation.

Eight icons of Betawi culture namely Ondel-Ondel, Kembang Kelapa, Gigi Balang Ornament, Sadariah Clothes, Kerancang Kebaya, Betawi Batik, Kerak Telor, and Pletok Beer. The detail of theregulation is regulated in Governor Regulation (Pergub) No. 229 Year 2016 on the Implementation of Betawi Cultural Preservation.

"Today we launched Pergub No. 11 Year 2017 on Betawi Cultural Icons which was stipulated on 1 February," said Acting Governor of Jakarta, Sumarsono at Jakarta City Hall, Sunday (5/2).

It is expected that there will be a standardization and uniformity for the eight culture icons. It is important to develop Betawi culture as native culture of Jakarta. "In the future, we expect that Jakarta will be built upom the spirit of Betawi as a foundation," he said.

He added, after the regulation being issued, Jakarta city administration will issue instructions and circular letters which recommend Betawi icons to be used in all building in Jakarta. In the future, all government offices, schools and other buildings will be decorated with Betawi ornaments. "All employees in Jakarta will also be required to wear Betawi batik," he said. (Translator: Siti Chodijah)