RAN P3AKS Second-Generation Established


Oleh Siti Chodijah, Kamis, 6 Januari 2022 | 13:21 WIB - Redaktur: Siti Chodijah - 844

InfoPublik, Jakarta - The second-generation National Action Plan for the Protection and Empowerment of Women and Children in Social Conflict (RAN P3AKS), according to UN Women Indonesia, will ensure gender equality and long-term peace in Indonesia.

This was stated by Dwi Faiz, the Head of the UN Women Indonesia Program, during the Peace Festival, which was hosted online in Jakarta on Thursday, December 6, and with the topic of "Rebuilding Better by Ensuring the Protection and Empowerment of Women and Children in Social Conflict."

This activity was held by the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (KPPPA) together with the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, and UN Women.

The major goal of this action, according to Dwi Faiz, was to express gratitude for the enactment of the Regulation of Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Number 5 of 2021, which addressed the second generation of RAN P3AKS. She also expressed her gratitude to KPPPA and the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture for their efforts in developing the National Action Plan (NAP).

"This is proof that Indonesia's commitment to developing a peaceful society by prioritizing women's and children's protection is a long-term commitment," she said.

Dwi Faiz believed that the second generation of RAN P3AKS addresses specific security concerns that women and children confront in today's world. These include intolerance that leads to radicalism and terrorism, land conflicts, acts of violence in the community and its perpetrators, and the spread of misinformation that makes use of information technology advancements.

She went on to say that the UN Security Council unanimously accepted the women's agenda for peace and security more than 20 years ago in Resolution 1325. "This UN Security Council resolution stresses the importance of women's experiences in peace and security concerns being recognized and included," she stated.

Since then, this topic has grown increasingly significant for UN member countries, including Indonesia, which is now formulating its national action plan. "The government's dedication to gender equality, security, and peace is reflected in this NAP," she concluded.


Reporter: Juli