Navy Medical Team Saves 3 Soldiers Shot by Separatist Group


Oleh Filmon Warouw, Kamis, 27 Januari 2022 | 11:58 WIB - Redaktur: Filmon Warouw - 912

Jakarta, InfoPublik - The Indonesian Navy Medical Team aboard KRI Dokter Suharso (SHS-990) ship saved the lives of three Army Yon Zipur 20/PPA's soldiers who were shot by a separatist group in Maybrat, West Papua on Thursday, January 20.

KRI SHS-990 anchored at Sorong General Port is a Navy Hospital's Auxiliary Ship under 2nd Fleet Command (Koarmada II) which is tasked to support 3rd Fleet Command (Koarmada III) in Cenderawasih Jaya-22 Operation.

KRI SHS-990 provided medical assistance to three referral patients who are members of Army's Yon Zipur 20/PPA. They are wounded in a firefight with a separatist group in East Aifat District, Maybrat Regency, West Papua.

"Bullet removal surgery is carried out in KRI SHS-990's OK Room by a joint medical team from Koarmada III's Medical Service, Dokter R. Oetojo Navy Hospital, Sorong Regional General Hospital, and KRI SHS-990's medical team as supervisor," said the ship's medical officer 2nd Lieutenant Erwin.

"After a 6-hour surgery, all projectiles are successfully removed from the soldiers and currently the patients are in a stable condition. Further treatment will be carried out at Sorong XIV Navy Base's Dokter Oetojo Navy Hospital," Erwin said.

Koarmada II Commander Iwan Isnurwanto appreciated the medical action taken by KRI SHS-990 crews.

He underlined that all Koarmada II's personnel who are stationed at the operation region must be ready to carry out their respective functions.

According to him, the action shown by KRI SHS-990's medical team proves that Navy maintains Armed Force synergy as ordered by Navy Chief Admiral Yudo Margono.

(Photo: Navy Information Service, Writer: Yudi Rahmat, Editor: Taofiq Rauf, Translator: Filmon Leonard Warouw)