Belu Handicrafts Prepared For National-Level Promotion


Oleh MC Kabupaten Belu, Jumat, 12 Februari 2016 | 12:19 WIB - Redaktur: Filmon Warouw - 1K

Belu, InfoPublik - Handicrafts from natural materials have become cultural heritage in Belu regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Moreover, Belu regency’s abundant natural resources can be used as materials to produce the handicrafts.

Belu handicrafts are very special because they are made in various products. The residents have created quality products which are always developed according to demands. The products are diverse and have their own characteristics.
Two crafting communities who actively produce weavings come from Wekiar in Dualaus village, Kakulumesak district and from Raimaten in Manumutin village, Atambua district. Their ancestors had handed down the weaving skills to the generations.
The products are sold to buy food, such as, cassava, rice, maize, and vegetables. “I use the profit to send my children to school," said Palmira Lopes, the chief of Wekiar 1 Crafting Community, at Belu’s Dekranasda building, Saturday (2/6).
The groups admitted that Belu government through Local Handicraft Council (Dekranasda) has helped their small businesses to develop.
She said she is able to come here because Belu’s Industry and Trade Office (Disperindag) had visited their place.
“We bring woven basket, bracelet, mat, and betel box, and people buy them. Before, we only sell them in markets. We are very pleased that our products are promoted and bought by the government,” said Ms. Lopes echoed by Ms. Nia Dacosta—a weaver from Mawar community of Manumutin village in Atambua.
Ms. Lopes who started weaving since in primary school age said they need two to three days to produce a fabric. However, beginners can spend one to two weeks to produce it.
The basic materials for weaving crafts are gathered from the nature, for example, pandan and palm leaves. But, the woven fabric can be obtained at nearby stores. She added that the production process is still using their capital.
Chief of Belu’s Dekranasda, Ms. Gaudensiana Luruk Bere, who concerns with the handicrafts, said that she will continue the cooperation with the community by purchasing and promoting the products both in provincial and national level. (Mc speckle/Hery/toeb/Translator: Filmon Warouw)