Maintaining Diversity through Social Media Literacy


Oleh Siti Chodijah, Selasa, 5 November 2019 | 11:26 WIB - Redaktur: Siti Chodijah - 2K

Maumere, InfoPublik -  Ministry of Communication and Informatics’ Directorate General of Information and Public Communication in collaboration with  House of Representatives Commission I held a traditional performance with the theme “Maintaining Diversity through Social Media Literacy”  at Golden Nita Park, Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara on Saturday (26/10/2019).

This activity is expected to encourage public to use social media wisely. This activity featured a public dialogue presenting two speakers that are Member of House of Representatives  Andreas Hugo Pareira and Inspector General of  Ministry of Communication and Informatics Doddy Setiadi.

Doddy Setiadi said that social media users must be selective when reading information because there are many fake news and hoax in the internet that contains hate speech and negative content. He urge the internet users to think first before sharing every information.

We have to able to filter information whether it is true or not, positive or negative, to avoid breaking the law.

Meanwhile Andreas Hugo Pareira said that the number of mobile phones user in Indonesia exceeds the total number of Indonesia’s population. It means that one person can have more than 1 mobile phone and almost all people have social media.  Therefore, the people are expected to remain cautious when receiving information from social media.

Thousands of people were very enthusiastic to watch this traditional performance which also featured fashion show of East Nusa Tenggara traditional costumes and music entertainment by singers from Sikka Regency such as Mario G Claw (1st winner of The Voice Indonesia) and Aziza (Contestant of  Indosiar Dangdut Academy).

Reporter: Baheramsyah

Translator: Sugiarti